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JRM partnership fuels the return of an iconic supercar

23rd February 2017

JRM has teamed up with Liberty Vehicle Technologies (LVT) to develop the iconic T1 Evo hyper-car. 

The successor to the F1 inspired vehicle is now under development with an engineering partnership led by 920Engineering (920E), the advanced engineering and motorsport arm of the Liberty Engineering Group and benefiting from JRMs extensive racing pedigree and direct access to multiple vehicle technologies. 

Engineers from both Liberty and JRM have incorporated the latest race grade features into the flagship vehicle. The Evo will include features such as: 

-          Bespoke power train system with optional all-wheel-drive configuration

-          Active suspension and aerodynamic surfaces

-          Entirely new and updated carbon fibre chassis to meet latest safety criteria

-          Drivability enhancements, including ABS, traction and stability control

-          Improved driver comfort, heads-up-display and driving experience

-          Telemetry and communications system

JRM Managing Director, Jason King, said “JRM is thrilled to work on a project that involves such an iconic vehicle.  Teaming up with 920E on the creation of a car with the ambitions of the T1 Evo is a real honour for the JRM Group.  All our advanced engineering experience has been put into practice to ensure the new generation vehicle has the unique inspirational qualities and performance of the original car.”

Anthony Blackwell, Managing Director of 920E said: “Harnessing the full engineering and manufacturing capability of the Liberty Engineering Group, 920E is now undertaking the development of a new, British-engineered hyper-car with phenomenal performance characteristics to exceed its predecessor.

“Designed by 920E and inspired by fast jets, the T1 Evo by Liberty incorporates features such as active aerodynamics, heads-up-display and a canopy style cockpit. Limited to 25, this will be available to an exclusive customer base. While the exact specification and experience will be reserved for its eventual owners I can say it is expected to stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the most ferocious performance vehicles on the planet,” he added.