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Coaching from Road to Track to Race

Race Driver Coaching is designed for amateur drivers and to create a journey from road to track to race.

The programme content is delivered by JRM with activity starting at track day level and working up to GT3 with race programmes operated by Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 customer teams.



The coaching programme

JRM’s Driver Coaching Programme offers drivers three different levels of coaching:

  1. Track day coaching
  2. Gain a racing licence
  3. GT3 testing


Step 1 - Track day coaching

A JRM coach/mentor attends a track day to coach a driver in their own car.


Structure of each day

Track walk to brief driver on correct lines, braking points, track surface etc

Briefing before the first session to cover:

  • Review of circuit guide and track map
  • General overview of the overall circuit layout
  • A look at each sector and talk through driving those sectors
  • Q&A session

Track driving:

  • Driver will go out on track for a couple of runs to get settled
  • Two flying laps filmed with GoPro camera
  • Debrief in pits with review of video
  • Agree plan for next run
  • Five flying laps filmed with GoPro camera
  • Debrief in pits with review of video
  • Agree plan for next run
  • Plan continues based on progress of driver

After track day a Driver Coaching Assessment is to provided to cover:

  • Preparation before each run
  • Braking, Acceleration, Use of gears
  • Slow, medium, and high speed cornering
  • Lap time progress


Step 2 - Gain a racing licence

Going motor racing is a serious commitment and one that should not be taken lightly. Like anything in life, good preparation makes for good execution and the Advanced Competition Licence Course provides the essential training required to make a confident debut in motor racing.

The programme includes all training, vehicle & track hire, MSA Go Racing Pack, Medical Assessment, Data Logging & Video on USB stick, Accommodation for 1-night, and meals.


Day 1

  • Welcome & Race Briefing 1
  • Professional Race Car Simulator
  • Physical assessment & MSA Medical
  • ARDS Study & Theory Test
  • Race Briefing 2
  • Overnight accommodation and dinner


Day 2

  • Allocation of Personal Driver Coach for the day
  • Track Session 1
  • Car Control Session 1
  • ARDS Driven Test
  • Track Session 2
  • Car Control Session 2



Step 3 – GT3 testing

This level is designed for drivers with a racing licence, consists of four options:

  1. Basic coaching session
  2. Familiarisation test
  3. Half day test
  4. Full day test

During the programme the driver will be coached by a professional racing driver.


Basic coaching session

The basic coaching session is used to analyse data and in car video from cars the driver has previously driven. The information is used to create a custom programme tailored to the drivers goals and budget and based on a combination of the three test options.

During the session the driver will receive feedback based on analysing their existing data and in car video and will be given advice to improve their driving style in wet and dry conditions as well as turbo and non-turbo cars.

The advice can be taken away for the driver to continue with their current driving activity or they can sign up to a coaching programme with JRM in the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3.


Track driving and coaching

Coaching at the track involves the driver and car being viewed from different corners then looking at data and in car videos from multiple angles with the JRM factory engineer and driver coach. Information from each run is used to devise a run plan to make each individual driver faster with improvements and targets to reach. This process is repeated for each corner so by the end of a day the improvement throughout will be a big gain.


Simulator and Driver Training

JRM work with iZone, Europe's leading simulator and training facility. By identifying a drivers Strengths and Weaknesses, the iZone team of experts will work towards each drivers goals, whether that is preparing for the next race or developing a long term career in motorsport.


Lifestyle and interpersonal skills

Improve your lifestyle, nutrition, hydration and recuperation alongside your ability to interact with key partners (sponsors and the media).


Mental skills

The iZone Performance Psychologist works to create mentally resilient drivers, that can perform successfully and consistently under pressure.


Technical and Tactical Skills

State-of-the-art facilities and bespoke training technology to identify the key developmental areas for short term success and long term results.


Physical Skills

Enhancing on-track performance and creating motorsport athletes, with the strength and endurance needed to perform at their peak.


Psychomotor Skills

Training driver’s Psychomotor skills to create enhanced reactions, superior fine motor control, improved balance and proprioception, and the co-ordination of hands, eyes and feet.


The next step...

The next step is to go racing.

JRM provide bespoke ‘arrive and drive’ programmes with its official customer teams with the option to run a full arrive and drive with the team providing the car or to run a self owned car.

Read more about arrive and drive programmes


Download the Driver Coaching brochure