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JRM Group is a fast paced, progressive and expanding company that specialises in providing design, advanced engineering and bespoke manufacturing solutions to the Automotive, Motorsport, Aerospace, Marine and Medical Industries.

Specialising in complex projects and supporting a range of clients in delivering their objectives, we’re renowned as a go to partner when problems need solving.

Our talented and ambitious team deliver all the solutions using our ISO9001 accreditation, rigorous quality-control facilities, high-end DMG machinery and advanced software.

About JRM

Advanced Engineering

Our engineering expertise has been tested and proven in the toughest conditions.

Advanced Engineering


We use OneCNC CAD/CAM software to create a seamless transition between the design and production phases. Our investment in this sophisticated system allows our engineers to program and read customer 2D or 3D files with ease and share them with our CNC machine shop to work efficiently and cost effectively.

Advanced Engineering


Our in-house culture of ‘continuous improvement’ ensures we deliver the promises that are made at the beginning of every project. Supporting our culture, we are ISO9001 accredited which guarantees that our work is consistently produced on time and on specification.


Our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) technology is the most advanced inspection process available and supports our commitment to delivering the highest quality standards.

Our CMM equipment and temperature-controlled testing room allows every stage of the production process to be scrutinized to guarantee perfect accuracy.

To provide quality control reports and component dimensions we use the latest version of PC-DMIS software with CAD integration, and we also use Renishaw probing and CNC inspection facilities to ensure the highest levels of production-integrated quality control.

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Introducing the JRM GT23 - A story of precision, performance and passion

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Only 23 Will Be Born

A unique track-focused, road-legal super car with every element engineered to deliver the purest driving experience. It seems impossible. But for just 23 drivers across the world, it will be a thrilling, full-blooded, all consuming reality. The JRM GT23 is an utterly unique supercar, born from unparalleled pedigree. At JRM Motorsport, we’ve built a global reputation for unrivalled technical excellence. Crafting cutting edge technical solutions for the automotive world.

The launch of the JRM GT23 has been timed to commemorate the 10th anniversary of JRM Motorsport Racing’s World Championship win in the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT1. Since its inception, JRM Motorsport Racing has claimed first place at the 2011 FIA GT1 World Champions and 6th place in the LMP1 class at Le Mans. More recently, we’ve focused on the GT3 endurance competition with the Nissan GTR GT3 and continue today to lead from the front in GT racing. So, we wondered, what if we could combine the ultimate in track performance with a car that is thrilling to drive on the road every day? A perfect balance.

Engineered to be the purest, most driver-centric car ever to be built for the track and road-ready

Beneath its flawless sleek exterior lies the thunderous heart of a front mid-engine 3.8-litre V6 Twin Turbo Charged. Evolved from the acclaimed Nissan GT-R GT3, the JRM GT23 bristles with ground-breaking technical specifications. Delivering one of the most advanced and effective aerodynamics ever seen on a road car – light-weighted to achieve an impressive 500bhp per ton.

Overcoming the greatest challenges

The objective of the JRM GT23 project was always could we road legalise a GT-R GT3 race car, based around the 2015 model year of the car by making it friendly enough to be driven on the road, but competent enough that you receive a genuine flavour of a race car when you take it to the track. The GT-R GT3 did not have flaws, but it did have limitations.

Any road car has limitations when you try and take it to the level of a race car, so we looked at it from the other direction. Starting with the JRM GT23 as a race car provides the driver with a real racing experience on track, while we then tamed the car to make it road legal. The result? A unique design with all of the attributes of a race car, that can also fill up at a regular filling station.

As a Japanese car, the GT3’s original design was heavily constrained by the road cars aesthetics. However the JRMGT23 design team wanted to create a stronger presence and greater aerodynamic performance by running a far more aggressive aerodynamic package that used significantly larger rear diffuser and adjustable rear wing.

A race cockpit with the soft touches

Everything about the interior starts with the driver – we were always keen to provide a true race car environment but recognising the investment from the customer we had to approach the styling with a level of trim that is subtle whilst ensuring the driver has easy reach to all the controls and enjoying a level of sophistication of a race car and level of comfort of a road car

Invitations to view the JRM GT23 are now available -

Please contact the GT23 Team on gt23@jrm-group.com to arrange your appointment.

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